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Queue Management Service

Why a Queue Chatbot?

Because your prized and loyal regular customers deserve to have a bot stand in line for them.

Offer it as a priority queue service to your prized and loyal regular customers like what airlines and hotels do. They will love you for it, leading to higher customer satisfaction, more repeat business and word of mouth.

Through the popular Telegram Messenger, your Queue Chatbot

  • informs your customers the present queue number
  • let them join the queue remotely
  • messages your customers to standby when they are next in queue
  • messages them when their queue number is called
  • recalls your customers in queues where there is a further waiting time between order and fulfillment

thereby freeing your customers to do more interesting things while waiting for their turn.

telegram queue chatbot

Queue Manager

Managing the bot queue is easy, just let your prized and loyal regular customers know your Bot Name1 so they can join your bot queue using their Telegram Messenger2

  • click Next to message the customer at the front of your bot queue3
  • click Recall to message the customer when their order is ready for collection (for queues where there is a waiting time between order and fulfillment)


  1. You need to create your queue bot first. One time only. Setup time about 15 mins
  2. Telegram runs on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Telegram Web for Windows/MacOS/Linux
  3. For the customers without the Telegram Messenger, let them join your existing physical queue. You choose who to serve next, the person in the physical or bot queue
  4. There is no charge for your customers to use your queue bot
queue manager

Queue Manager Price

US$5 per month FREE till Dec 31 2019

  • one month free trial
  • one time 15 mins setup
  • Queue Manager requires smartphone, tablet or PC with browser and internet access. Data charges from your operator apply

Please email before your one month trial period expires and we will extend the expiry date to 31 Dec 2019 at no charge

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